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The oldest and most trusted family-owned pest control company in Fort Wayne since 1959.

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Unwanted pest may post threath to the health of your family. Protect your family members from unwanted pest.


You and your loves ones deserve comfort and peace knowing that your home is pest FREE. Let us help you out drive away pest from your home.


Trust Arab Pest Control to do the job for you. Arab Pest Control has been serving in the Fort Wayne for over 55 years. We are family owned and operated. The company is Founded in 1923. We value the trust of our loyal clients and believe that every transactions we do is based on mutual trust.

Family owned and operated since 1929. Quality pest control service in Fort Wayne.


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Protecting your home from pests



Having problem with unwanted pest in your home?



Unwanted pests can carry harmful diseases that are detrimental to your home.